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   Allow me to introduce myself. I am Marlon A. King a self-taught photographer and videographer for all of life’s moments. As a child, I was always fascinated by photography and was often my dad’s subject whenever he would bring out his camera gear. I have vivid memories of always pulling his light meter out of his bag and wondering what it was. I even have a photo of me looking at it in amazement – foreshadowing at its finest! In junior high and high school, I took classes in both color and black and white photography and couldn’t wait to get into the darkroom to develop my photos. It was definitely a fun and unique experience for me.

   2015 was the starting point for everything that I am doing today. This is when a very close friend of mine saw something in me when all I had was a Sony A6000 that I was just using to capture moments on vacation. She asked me to be the photographer at her sister's wedding. I immediately said, “Wait a minute, I’m no photographer.” She, however, persisted, convincing me by insisting that her sister was not fussy and that if I didn’t do it, she may be left without photos of her wedding. I couldn't let that happen, so I immediately traded in my A6000 for the more capable A7 II. While I was still a novice when it came to operating a camera in manual mode and wasn’t impressed with the photos I took, my friend and her sister loved them and the rest is history.

   Fast forward to today and I am now a professional photographer! I love capturing moments in time, with candid shots being my absolute favorite. To me, they tell more of a story than a shot where someone is actually prepared. Along my journey, I’ve discovered my second love, videography. In the beginning, I vowed I would never touch video because the editing process looked so intimidating. Despite this, I was drawn to it, decided to try it, and now here I am, doing it!

   If there are any tips I can leave you with, it's to trust those who see the greatness inside of you that you yourself aren't seeing. Also, just get out there and do the things that bring you happiness outside of your daily routine. If you fail at it the first time, give it another shot - you never know!

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